Pain is always not felt in the way that it becomes uncomfortable for us. At times, it is only a niggling feeling that one can ignore and one does. But, at times it is so intense that one only lies down and waits for it to go away. The right approach to any knee pain small or big is to take notice of the pain and immediately make a list of do’s and don’ts.

Take the advice

Recovery is fast if one follows the advice given by the healthcare professionals (HCP). Things which are generally advised to follow or not follow/ignore are:

Here is the list of dos

  • Use a walking aid: Cane or any walking aid helps to take the strain off the knees. By removing the weight off from the knee, one helps it to progress and attains its original healthy structure.
  • Use RICE: The traditional cure for injuries of the leg- Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (RICE) – does wonder for the knee.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: When person has an injured knee, make sure that the shoes are not too tight as this might increase the pain channels and delay the healing process. Inside the house, one can walk barefoot.
  • Consult healthcare professional: Always seek professional advice. This helps because they might notice something amiss before one does, and they will tell how to rectify it.
  • Use splints and braces: Splints help support the broken bone while it heals. If the person doesn’t have a broken bone but have swelling in the knee joint, he or she can use braces while walking. This helps avoid aggravation of the injury.

Here is the list of don’ts

  • Don’t stumble in the dark: As it is one’s usual habit, one wants to go around in the dark and find a way inside the room by feel. But, if one stumbles of something and falls down, the chances aggravating the injury is more. The best solution for this is to switch on the lights and then move forward.
  • Don’t exercise: One can exercise but avoid pushing. Get back on physical fitness regime after recovered fully from the knee injury. The best option is to lay off the exercise routine altogether until the knee is fit.
  • Don’t sit idle: Sitting immobile for a long period can add stress to the knee joint. So, it is okay if one gets up and moves around provided one does not stress the knee. If one doesn’t feel like exercising, sit on a high stool and swing the legs back and forth.
  • Don’t swivel on the injured knee: If move around fast, this happens. One tends to turn by pivoting on the knee, and this will cause more aggravation to the injury. Try to move slowly and use feet to stop and turn in the direction one wants to go.

Keeping track of the knee pain helps to avoid aggravating it. The best knee treatment always advises to allow the bone to heal itself. This is the only way one will get full functionality of the knee again.

Essential Dos and Don’ts for Knee Pain

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